About us

Studentmama is a platform where students can sell their unwanted items and buy items that they need. We target solely on students’ needs and aims to be a one stop solution for students around the world. Currently, we are offering three main streams of service: Buy and Sell items, Accommodation and Calendar

  1. Students can sell a variety of items ranging from textbooks, electronics, furniture, tickets, kitchen wares and other things. We are aware that students have many unwanted items to sell before graduation and undergraduates are looking to buy items that will help them in the course of their university.

  2. Everyone needs a place to stay near the university and at Studentmama, students are able to find accommodation that meets their needs and budget as a student. Ranging from sharing a flat to find a place of your choice, at Studentmama, we are able to cater to your choice and preferences.

  3. A Calendar will be available to showcase exciting events that is happening in the city. It will reflect a range of events such as clubbing events, football matches and even societies’ event that you can choose from or promote.

As the name, Studentmama is suggested, we aims to take care of your needs as a student in all aspect.


Q1. How can I be a member?

You can either register as an individual or an organisation at Studentmama. Simply register with us with some basic details about yourself and you can start enjoying the website.

Q2. Why is it important to be a member before I can use your website?

We provide security to your members and potential user. Being a member, you are able to sell or buy an item easily. Most importantly, communicating with potential buyers of the items you have listed on our website.


Q1. How do I sell/list my items on Studentmama?

Firstly, you need to sign up as member in order to sell your items (security is very important at Studentmama). Put the title of your items you wish to sell, set a reasonable and competitive price, choose the category, upload a presentable a clear image of your items with some basic description and your items is ready to be listed.

Q2. What happens if my items are not listed after 24 hours?

Administrator will send you an e-mail to state the reason why your items are not being listed within 24 hours. Hence, it is important to provide accurate and clear images of your items to avoid any unnecessary delays. You can repost your items once you have amended accordingly.

Q3. Will I be able to view my items after it is posted?

Yes of course, under our members section ‘My items’, you can view your past and current items listed on our website. This allows you to keep track on the items you have posted. And to avoid unnecessary contact, Studentmama encourage you to delete the items once you have sold your items.

Q4. How long can my items be listed for?

Your item will be listed for a month from the date it is listed on Studentmama.


Q1. How can I view items that I’m interested to buy?

Under our buy section, you will be able to choose a variety of items that interest you. We have a variety of categories ranging from electronics, textbooks, ticket to kitchenware. Simple click on ‘Visit Page’, after which, click on ‘contact seller’ and Studentmama will send your interest to the seller and notify you once they have replied.

Q2. How can do I know whether the seller has receive or replied my enquires?

Simply log in and you will be able to see any replies in your personal inbox at Studentmama. Using this function, you will be able to communicate with the seller and arrange a convenience way of dealing the items you wish you buy.

Q3. What if the item is faulty or damaged?

It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that items are in good condition before agreeing to purchase from the seller. We are not responsible for any transactional mishaps occurred between the buyer and seller. It is for the buyer to ensure that the items are in the condition he/she expects it to be before any form of purchase is made.

Q4. How do I ensure a smooth transaction between the buyer and the seller?

Our chat system serves as an adequate tool for the buyer and seller to actively communicate with one another. By any chance money is transacted to the seller even before the item reaching the buyer vice versa, Studentmama will not be held responsible for any loss/damage. The most reliable way is to exchange contacts and arrange a meet up between both parties.


Q1. How can I list my accommodation on Studentmama?

In the members’ area, you can post an accommodation by clicking on ‘post housing’. Simply fill up the details and upload the images before posting.

Q2. How can I find an accommodation?

Under accommodation section, you will be able to view the current accommodation market and you can contact the person who has listed the place via our members’ messaging system for more information.


Q1. What is calendar?

The calendar displays the upcoming events from all the different organizations. The calendar will reflect a series of events ranging from student societies, private party organizations to even concerts such as One Direction. By presenting to you the different upcoming events that are taking place, your student life will never be the same again! You can also purchase your ticket from the event by clicking on the actual event happening on the calendar. You can list an event by being a member and similar to accommodation, it will take within 24 hours to be approved by our administrator.